Sociology of Film

Movies are a social phenomenon. Social history and culture have a profound effect on the movies, which in turn often influence society and culture. Because the movies reflect, make and influence history, they can be primary sources in the study of society.

Richard Barsasm

Traditionally, Sociology of Film deals with the observation and analysis of the movies. Films are perceived as the reflection of all social forms and interactions. Through the movies, different social issues can be addressed, therefore helping in the change of social perceptions and taboos.

However, we are looking to apply sociology in all things that have to do with the production of the movies and to bring the Cyprus movie production closer to the Hollywood film industry. We want to bridge dreams and link relations that can help the potential of our island in reaching further into the mainland of the movies.

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Social problems that derive from our culture in this island prevent young people from pursuing their dreams. We are here to help promote those dreams and give courage, answers and solutions to perceptions that need to be changed in order to help them adapt to the bigger picture. Fear is nothing and there are no limits to what one can achieve.

Through our business relations and current contacts, we try to bring together two different cultures and help the smaller one to adjust to the bigger one while holding strong on its uniqueness and originality. Understanding how this industry functions in two different cultures can boost the cooperation between them and help create profitable opportunities for the both of them.

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